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Operating Hours:

Mondays to Saturdays (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays)
Registered Address: Block 9010 Tampines Street 93 #01-113 Singapore 528844

Products for Hire

Plates and Bowls:

  1. Porcelain dinner plates (white)
  2. Porcelain dessert plates (white)
  3. Porcelain dessert bowls (white)
  4. Porcelain soup bowls (white)

Cups and Glasses:

  1. Porcelain coffee cups and saucers (white)
  2. Red wine glasses
  3. White wine glasses
  4. Champagne flute glasses
  5. Champagne saucer glasses
  6. Liqueur glasses
  7. Beer tumblers
  8. Water tumblers
  9. High-ball water glasses


  1. Dinner spoons
  2. Soup spoons
  3. Dessert spoons
  4. Coffee spoons
  5. Dinner forks
  6. Dessert forks
  7. Dinner knives


  1. Food warmers (metal) (with single or double inserts)
  2. Water dispensers (plastic) (brown)
  3. Serving spoons (metal)
  4. Serving forks (metal)
  5. Serving tongs (metal)
  6. Water jugs (glass)
  7. Coffee pots (metal)
  8. Punch bowls (glass)
  9. Open-top ice buckets

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